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51education | 01.23.2013


    It was the third year in my undergraduateperiod, and a lecture delivered by a renowned lawyer from the Dutch firm,Loyens & Loeff,about International Tax Law, captured my curiosity. I was taking the coursethen, but some of the views of that he had proposed really refreshed me. Sincethen, I had kept a close attention on it, and, at the first year of mypostgraduate period, I come to realize that the International Tax Law, acomprehensive discipline that integrates accounting, taxes, and law, plays asignificant role on the world stage. However, the International Tax in China isstill at the immature stage, and talents in that filed are badly needed.Moreover, the law academia itself in China is a tragedy, become most ofscholars are tailors. They cut out from the translated overseas literacy from avariety sources, and sew them together as their own, making the brand-new viewsrarely seen. Nonetheless, your program could make me stand at the apex to see,to learn, and help me gain an insights into the aspect of International Tax Lawthat I have been long coveted to.


    Previously, I wasa law major at East China University of Political Science and Law(ECUPL), China’sbest law-oriented university, and I chose it because I thought it was a perfectmatch for my personalities—careful, patient, orderly, and independent inthinking. Things turned out that my previous option was wise. Law not onlymatched my personality, but also was something that could hold up my interests.Meanwhile, some of the course that I had learned in ECUPL had helped me lay asolid foundation in International Tax Law. For instance, the InternationalTax Law, one of my selective courses in the junior year, had offered me apackage of understandings on tax avoidance measures by utilizing the Netherland’sbilateral tax treaty, taxes on e-commerce, determination on regularorganization (targeting the difference between OECD model and the UN model),etc. I had also passed the judicial examination with a very high score, andobtained the qualification certificate for law practitioners. In order to get deeperinsights into International Tax Law, the grounding in accounting is of necessity.Therefore, I taught myself accounting, and gave myself a try in the exam forChina’s Certified Public Accountant.


    With the depth ofmy learning, I started to feel that what was taught in the textbooks and classcould no longer quench my thirst, and I turned to some relevant extracurricularreadings outside class. My obsession on International Tax Law, and admirationfor Professor Michael Lang had motivated to try to apply for the precious 120sets nationwide for the 5 days’ summer school on the the aspect ofInternational Tax Law, jointly held by The Institute for Austrian and Int’l TaxLaw at Vienna University of Economics & Business and Center at XiamenUniversity. I got enrolled, and had passed with honors the exam that concludedthe summer school of International Tax Law. With such a profound accumulation,I materialized what I thought, and what I learned about the International TaxLaw in my graduation project paper, which ensured me place as the recommendpostgraduate students in ECUPL, whiles the International Tax Law was undeniablythe focus for the study and research in my postgraduate period. Right now, I amin charge of a project, The Perfection of China’s Fiscal and Tax LegislationAgainst the Digital Economy—From The Perspective of CFC (Controlled ForeignCompanies)—a project, in a deep sense, concerning the transition of the InternationalTax Law.


    Outside class, Iam an active participant for law featured activities. Actually, in my senioryear, I was once one of the representatives of ECUPL in the “moot courtcompetition” held in Qixia District, Nanjing. We were fortunate enough to haverenowned lawyers guide us on the whole process. In the competition, I displayedmy profound knowledge, got familiarized with the whole court process, andenhanced my reaction. After that, I was invited by the student committee of theInternational Law to serve as the tutor for the sophomore, together withrenowned lawyers. It was an unforgettable experience of friendship, andself-perfection, and I had grasped multifaceted skills through interaction oversome issues. Meanwhile, I was also once a member of the Law Commentary inECUPL, in which I interviewed famous teachers, edited on some articles, andcompleted an after-reading comment on Rural China.


    During the summervacations away from ECUPL, and away from the boring law stipulation, and my passionfor law never waned. I tried to recommend myself, and send out my resume on theInternet. I was once ignored, and rejected, but in the end, I was lucky enoughto be selected as the intern by two companies in my hometown, Shanxi Province.During my freshman’s summer vocation, I was the intern assistant to the Lawyerin Shangxi Zhonghong Law Firm, where I sorted out case files, audited trials.Meanwhile, I did involved in some actual cases, and the process made me tastedthe sense of achievement out of translating my expertise into the advice forthe lawyer. Then, in my junior years’ summer vacation, I had served as theintern in the law department of Shangxi Aosheng Mechanical Manufacturing Co,Ltd., where my major responsibilities involved checking of contracts,translation, and solving disputes.


    So far as mycareer objectives are concerned, I would like to make a difference in fillingChina’s gap for special talents on International Tax Law, and in makingbreakthrough on that aspect in China’s academia. I assume that an universityprofessor is my ideal option. Towards that, I would first complete the InternationalTax Law in your university, and then resume my doctoral degree.


    I would say myalma mater, ECUPL to the China’s higher education is what your university tothe entire UK’s, or even the entire world’s. Your university has maintained top-notchreputation in the global higher education of Law for nearly a century. I thinkthe international tax law program offered in your university is the best in theUK, in which I could receive the guidance from world’s your brilliantfaculties, and brainstorm with creams of my age from every corner of the world.This would be a huge start of my long-coveted career on International Tax Law.




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