Researchon Competition Structure of Banks: Evidence from China

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51education | 01.23.2015

    The bankingsector of China has undergone lots of challenges and opportunities, such asfrom banking system centralization to decentralization. There is relatedconnection between the bank competition status and banking operating strategyand the development situation of Chinese banks has attracted many people’sattention. In this case, this essay is aimed at examining the competitionstructure and equilibrium state of banks in China during the period of2006-2013. 11 banks during the period of 2006-2013 are selected, which includesthe top-five banks and other listed small banks. This essay is programmed toemploy the structural and non-structural methods to measure the competition statusof Chinese banks. Even though there have some literatures that centered onChinese banks’ competition, little research has refreshed the competition situationof Chinese banks with the rapid development of China banking sector.Theoretically speaking, this study can supplement the bank competitionresearch, especially for banks of China which are characterized by specialdevelopment history and pattern. In addition, practically speaking, the studyresults of this research can offer effective evidence and advices for theauthority concerned of China banking sector and banks’ management to figure outthe development trend of banks’ competition degree and improve banks’performance. The main part of this essay is the P-R model test, which isconducted according to different sample groups and time period. This essayfinds that the large-scale Banks play dominant role in deciding the competitionstate of banking sector while Large-scale Banks have more remarkablemonopolistic feather than small banks. Meanwhile, the monopolistic power inChina’s banking sector tends to decline or fade away, which may result from therapid development and opening up in China’s banking sector.



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